The best selection from the Galician estuaries

The best selection from the Galician estuaries

All of our mussels come from the Galician estuaries and are internationally renowned for their quality. They are nutritious and have a great colour and intense flavour.

We wait until the ideal time of year - end of summer - to begin picking them from the best mussel platforms. Our mussels are collected in their prime, when they are fleshy and full of flavour.

We preserve them using traditional methods and natural ingredients, taking maximum care of every detail of the process.

Prepared from fresh

Thanks to the privileged location of our plant in A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the heart of the cultivation area, north shore of Ría de Arosa, freshness and an ideal production process can be guaranteed.

Our mussels are transported straight from the mussel platform to our processing plant. Once they have been cleaned and classified according to size, they are fried in olive oil and hand packed. Finally, they are preserved in our traditional escabeche.