The best selection from the Galician estuaries


Mussels from the Ría de Arosa have a distinctive, intense bright orange colour. Thanks to our careful selection and preservation they also have a great meaty texture.

The size of the mussels depends on the length of time they have grown on the platform, the location of the platform itself, and - above all - the season when they are harvested.
Four different sizes are available:

Medium sizes

10/14 mussels
Grown for approximately 12 months on the platform.

Large sizes

8/10 mussels
Larger, more tender mussels.
Grown for approximately 18 months on the platform.

Giant sizes

6/8 mussels
Very large, firm mussels with a subtle flavour.
Grown for approximately 24 months on the platform.

Extra large sizes

4/6 mussels
Extremely large, fleshy, flavourful mussels.
Grown for approximately 36 months on the platform.